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Our Story

Interior of Norville Gloucester

Norville Opticians has been caring for the region's eyes for over 100 years and we are dedicated to providing impeccable service and continued dedication to excellent customer satisfaction.

Our Past

We are incredibly proud of our long and rich history within the local community. Norville Opticians of Gloucester can trace its origins from 1898, when the original founder F. Norville opened his newly commissioned practice at 7 Barton Street,(now Eastgate Street) Gloucester. The loss of his only son F.H.Norville in 1917 on Western Front France was a huge family setback as he had been working to succeed in the family business. Fortunately, his grandson F.C.Norville directed the business pre-WWII into manufacturing optics.

Over the next 70 years the Norville Optical Company added optical engineering and manufacturing of production machinery to its portfolio. In 1947 the spectacle manufacturing arm of the business started a lean-to workshop in the back garden of the Eastgate property (evidence of the structure is still visible at the rear of Norville Opticians). Eventually, the manufacturing moved to Russell Street Merchants’ House.

The Gloucester lens manufacturers focussed on the ability to produce and deliver state of the art spectacle lens designs, while the opticians grew to become one of Gloucester’s leading opticians, supplying Gloucester Royal Hospital for many years.

We are continuing the legacy of F.Norville today, now with state-of-the-art technology, to continue our ethos of putting patients first.

Our Present

Our independent practice now combines the original values of impeccable care with modern technology and the latest eyewear in order for us to offer top quality care. Our dedicated team are committed to our values and use their experience and training to offer you a truly tailored experience where your appointment and all product recommendations are tailored to your unique needs.

Our Vision

It is our vision that every one of our patients receive the best possible care, from a qualified and experienced team, and that they leave us with the clearest possible vision looking and feeling their best.

We are proud to be independent as we can invest in and source the very best for our patients and we can take the time to offer a personalised experience.

Come see us today and experience the difference!

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