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Eye Examinations

Your eye exam appointment

All of our eye exams are carried out by our experienced and approachable optometrists.

At your appointment, your eyes will be thoroughly checked to ensure that you have the healthiest possible vision. If you then need new spectacles or other products, we can advise on the best options for you. Our detailed eye examination will detect any eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration in addition to other general health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

We recommend an eye examination every 2 years although some people may need to be seen more frequently. Wherever possible, we use the latest in optical diagnostic technology to ensure that we spot any potential eye health issues as soon as possible. In addition to our standard eye test, you can make the most of our state of the art equipment and opt for an OCT Scan and Optomap Retinal Imaging for a more in-depth look into your eye health.

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OCT & Optomap Technology

Our equipment is designed to assist our clinicians in giving you the best eyecare possible. That's why we've invested in cutting edge and pioneering state of the art equipment to offer an enhanced eye examination.

We've covered every part of the eye, from our in depth scanner that uncovers your central layers, to our wide imaging software which can see to the far corners of the eye. Not only that, we're the only ones in Gloucester with one. And we're proud of that.

OCT and Optomap is technology available to all patients as part of our enhanced eye exam. Ask a member of the team you would like to experience the newest diagnostic methods available at the moment.

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